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God&Magic is a community for those of us interested in religion, spirituality, mysticism, theology, etc. to come and talk about our various views and opinions, and to learn about each other's. All religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome, as well as those with no specific belief structure.

As a community, God&Magic members are free to bring up any and all related topics. Ask questions about something you'd like to know about. Share, if you like, experiences you have had that affected you deeply. Remember, the lessons you gained from your past may help those in the future.

Introductory posts are encouraged to all new members or firts-time posters. If you take the time to say hello, I will take the time to give you a proper welcome.

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Rules of Conduct:

1) There is to be no active recruiting of anyone's religion or denomination. This is a forum for discussion and debate, not overt evangelism.

2) All opinions and viewpoints will be treated with respect. If you strongly disagree with someone and wish to let them know, do so without resorting to name calling or derision.

Violation of either of these rules will be met with one warning given by the moderator, privately, and a public notification of the warning to all community members. If an offense to either rule is made by the same individual on a second occasion the member will be removed.

For example, you may complain about the Pope, but you cannot say that all Catholics are lambs being led to the slaughter by the Anti-christ.

Should someone feel either of these rules has been broken, and I haven't given a warning, please inform me by email with your concern and a specific location of the alleged violation. I will review the case and make the appropriate decision.

Members with one warning...


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