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10:32 AM 5/17/2011 · While I understand some nutjob in Oakland has been latching onto this recently for popularity's sake, I initially heard about this about 3 years ago. As I've a hobby of tracking end of the world scenarios, I marked the date and kicked back to see what would happen.

I refer to Judegement Day, which is supposedly this coming Saturday.

Nice thing, as religious events go... Saturdays are usually casual!

What is it with '21' anyway? Even the Mayan thing is on a 21st. People can leglally imbibe alcohol, in the United States, when they turn 21...

So May 21st 2011 is Judegement Day. It's based on something or other, I've got a pamphlet on this somewhere (3 separate versions of which were handed to me at Chinese New Years' a couple years ago) or other but I'm not sure where it is now. It quotes a section of the Bible that speaks of Judgement Day (you can probably Google it) and a mathmatical calculation that includes the correctness of the Roman calendar system to get an accurate calculation of...

...well, this coming Saturday.

Here's the thing, a day is all well and good but it doesn't say when. I'm talking what hour. We've got the day but not a time and what with timezones I don't know if it's May the 21st where I live or in the section of the world the Bible was written.

If that confusing, trip this: in 1986 I took a plane from Boston to India and arrived the day before I left. Yeah, plane took off Wednesday and landed Tuesday the previous day.

As if the 21·hour plane ride wasn't traumatic enough!

As to what will supposedly happen... not a clue. There's the Left Behind theory, which that series was based on, that the 'faithful' will be taken to Heaven and leave the rest of us. Realistically they wouldn't just rise to Heaven, paradise will take your souls but not your bodies. So, to recap, just a bunch of people falling over dead all over the planet...

...although, from my understanding, the original interpretation wasn't so much the faithful as just God's Chosen. Basically, not the Christians. The Jews, religious or not, will all be taken to Heaven and the rest of us are left behind.

There's also those that believe Jesus will return, though that's not a great idea given the circumstances. Supposedly Jesus, who left as The Lamb, returns as The Lion and wages war on the Devil; the souls gone to Heaven in all the time prior battling all the evil of Hell as their armies. The fallout of which will annihilate the entire Earth, kill pretty much every living thing on the planet, and then whatever survives (even souls could be killed before that kinda onslaught) goes to Heaven and the Earth is left a burnt out cinder.

If you watch Supernatural you probably have heard the big showdown is actually Michael and Lucifer. I'm not sure if that's just a convenient story the series latched onto or if there's some actual old testament truth to that or not.

Ultimately it probably doesn't matter. I don't know that this is gonna happen, Judgement Day specifically, don't even know that I believe it. I mean there's still the Mayan thing and that equation Sir Isaac Newton came up with...

...if you don't know the latter, apparently other than 'discovering' gravity ol' Isaac shared my fascination with end of the world scenarios. In an intense study of the Bible he divined what he determined to be a Biblical code that led him to believe the world would indeed come to ane end.

Sometimes in the year 2060.

If I manage a semi·health life maybe I'll be around to see it.

If the Mayan thing or Saturday doesn't do me in first.
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